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Update: 11/23/18

Over the next several months I will be working on launching a completely new website.  It is still too early to release details of this new project, but please follow along on Instagram (@snowmad.life) where I will be announcing the new site as launch approaches.

Snowmad: Living life like a nomad exclusively in winter wonderlands.

My name is Kyle Richardson & I am a snowmad.  What is a snowmad you ask?  Most simply put it is a nomadic snow chaser.  I have been chasing snow since 2017 when I graduated college & set off from my home on the East Coast in pursuit of an endless winter.  To me there seemed to be only one place of appropriate of kicking off my adventure, the Rocky Mountains.  Being young & broke my first order of business was finding a job.  Luckily I was able to land a position with Vail Resorts as a Ski Instructor despite my limited skiing experience.  This job thankfully came with an option to stay in employee housing so I had all of my basics covered.  I was given a choice between several Vail Resorts mountains & picked the namesake resort, Vail.  I picked this largely due to the vast size of the mountain, the fact that the ski school is the number one grossing in the nation, & the sheer beauty of Vail Village itself.  If you haven’t ever been I would strongly recommend checking it out as it is absolutely stunning.  Needless to say, I do not regret my choice.  This first season as a ski bum in Vail firmly reinforced my decision to become a snowmad.

As the season wound down & the water turned soft again I knew it was time to pack up & leave despite my newfound love of Vail & all of Colorado.  Once again my top priority became finding a job that would allow me to play in the snow for another season.  This job search landed me in a far more interesting position.  After leaving the Rockies I flew to Alaska to live & work on the Mendenhall Glacier just outside of Juneau.  This gig far exceeded my expectations for what a summer as a snowmad would be like.  Here, not only was I surrounded by snow 24/7 but I got to see fresh snowfall in June & July!  I saw countless avalanches throughout the summer & was able to go sledding on the piles of snow left behind by said avalanches.  I dug a 10ft deep entrance to a snow cave I created under my tent for the sole purpose of keeping my beer extra cold.  I was able to ride snowmobiles & a monster 4×4 snowmachine near daily.  Best of all, I was introduced to a completely new winter sport/activity, dog sledding (plus skijouring, akin to dog sledding but instead of being pulled on a sled you are pulled on skis).  Here I realized I have just scratched the surface of everything winter has to offer.

As the summer months come to an end I once again begin searching for my next winter adventure, eagerly awaiting all the good times & sweet sweet powder to come.

This website was created to serve many purposes.  First & foremost it is merely a creative outlet for me to express my love of all things winter & share my passion with anyone who may be interested in reading.  Along those same lines it is also meant as a tool to help me find & connect with like minded individuals.  If this is you please reach out, I would love to hear about your experiences with winter & get to know you.  I know there must be other snowmads out there.  Lastly, it is designed as a tool to help supplement my income.  Simply put, ski bumming & seasonal employment is not a particularly high paying career path.  The more time I have to spend working the less time I can be outside enjoying the snow.  I hope to one day be able to support myself entirely off this website.  As stands this goal is very far away.  If you would like to aide in making this a reality for me please click through my links to AmazonJackets-1183x500 About Us before making a purchase of any kind there.  I am an Amazon Associate which means that I receive commission on any purchases made from those I direct to Amazon through my site whether or not those products are listed here.  Any & every little bit helps in furthering my winter wanderings.

Thanks for checking out my site & taking enough interest to read about me.

Peace, Love, Pow

See ya when it snows…

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