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Snowmad: Living life like a nomad exclusively in winter wonderlands.

After graduating from university in May 2017 I wanted nothing more than to become a ski bum (Yes, my parents were excited to hear I wanted to put my degree to good use). As winter rolled around I was ready! I secured a job as a children’s ski instructor at Vail, packed up my car & in early November I left my home in Virginia and drove over 1,500 miles to drove to the insanely beautiful Colorado Rockies.

As I am writing this I am coming to the end of my first season as a ski bum & it is everything I imagined it to be (I will have several blog posts coming soon detailing my experience). However, as I saw my season ending I immediately began longing for more.  I was simply not satisfied with only being able to ski a couple months out of the year. I wanted the full experience, the endless winter, never summer, complete ski bum dream. As such, I have secured a unique position for the summer 2018.  Beginning May 1st, I will be living remotely on the Mendenhall glacier near Juneau, Alaska.  My goal moving forward with this position and into the future is to not take a single full month off from skiing, ever. Currently I have 5 continuous months under my belt, which is pretty weak… For reference check out this video of some summer skiing in Montana, where one of the featured riders, Don Gisselbeck, had 107 continuous months when this video came out in 2014… Hats off to you Don, I can only assume you are still shredding today.

After my summer adventure in Alaska I plan to return to Colorado for another ski season, but that’s about as far as I care to plan, as I firmly believe:

 “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon

As I go I will be updating this site with all sorts of stories, ratings, reviews, advice, tips, pictures, videos, & much more.

I hope to entertain, inform, & most of all inspire.

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