Chalet Critique – Vail Part II

Hello and welcome back to our second part to the “Chalet Critique – Vail” series.

If you haven’t already check out part I: HERE

This week we will be critiquing Vails newest ultra-luxury home, conveniently situated on the bank`s of Gore Creek.  This elegant modern home has a beautiful, cozy, warm cabin design with fine contemporary furniture.

Check out the photos of this 7 bedroom behemoth below:

Yeah, I know, it truly is spectacular isn’t it?

I am absolutely in love with the exterior of this Chalet.  The dark wood and glass just oozes warmth.  Plus the heated patios, balconies, & driveway exemplify this cozy effect in the dead of winter.

One of our favorite features is the hot tub, not unusual for a luxury chalet of this nature but accented by the location right on the creek running through the village.

This cabin is all around beautiful, so much so that it is difficult to find any fault in it.

Our main criticism would be the lack of color throughout the interior of the house.  Some of the throw pillows in the bedrooms bring in a subtle accent of color & I would just like to see a little more of this around.

I like the dinning table, but frankly the chairs picked seem out of place & uncomfortable; would not have been our first pick. The bar-stools on the other hand are excellent.

Some bedrooms, plus the downstairs TV room could use more decorations.




Please tell me your thoughts on this Chalet in the comments & check out the listing on AirBNB if you want to stay here.


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