Mountain Monday – Part I [Winterplace, WV]

Today we begin part I of another series that we hope will become a staple on this site: Mountain Monday.

Each part of this series will review and discuss a new ski area.

Our feature for week I is the one and only Winterplace, WV. If you are now thinking wtf is Winterplace, you are probably not alone. Chances are most of you reading this will not have even heard of Winterplace & that’s alright, because I am about to introduce you.

Winterplace_trailmap_legend Mountain Monday - Part I [Winterplace, WV]The reason you haven’t heard of it is because it isn’t really anything special.  At-least not in the traditional ways.

I mean there isn’t a spectacular amount of runs, only 27… with only 4 black diamonds.

It doesn’t offer spectacular dining with the resort offering choices such hot dogs, hamburgers, and the like.

It doesn’t have a great mountain town, in fact there isn’t much of a town nearby. There’s some accommodation right on the mountain, plus a few rental shops and gas stations down by the interstate, but that’s about it.

It doesn’t offer spectacular conditions being in the southern part of West Virginia, don’t expect epic powder days. (OK to be fair it gets decent snow, but nothing compared to more northern mountains)

To me though, it is something special.  This little mountain (hill) is where I learned to ski, so for me it’s everything you need in a mountain. Short drive from home, snow, and elevation change; that’s all you really need (ski lifts are a nice touch too).

Well that’s it for this Mountain Monday, a humble start for a humble mountain review series. Thanks for reading, be sure to check out some of our other new series.

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