Off-Season Conditioning For Skiing

Preparing for skiing is not just about getting your skis and ski gear packed up and making advanced bookings at the most exotic ski resort. During the months that you are not skiing, you still need to workout and stay fit and flexible.

Adding a combination of these activities to your exercise routine will help you flex those skiing muscles and keep you in good enough shape to conquer the slopes when the time comes.


Did you think you were just gliding downhill when you were skiing? Though it may appear to be so, your leg muscles as well as your core muscles get a hard work out when you ski. If you try skiing without having worked out our leg muscles the whole year round you can expect to have aching quads after your first day on the slopes. Hiking gives your quads a good work out and keeps them in shape come skiing time. Add higher and steeper hills to make the most of your hike.


Rowing a self-powered, sliding-seat scull through the water as fast as you can is an excellent workout for your skiing muscles. And it’s great fun too.


Biking is an all-round great activity for keeping in shape for skiing. First of all, while biking you use the same muscles that you use for skiing, giving them a vigorous workout, while at the same being easy on the knees. Secondly, biking also offers you an excellent aerobic exercise that is similar to skiing in that it requires short bursts of increased intensity to raise the heart rate.

Strength Training

Customized strength training works the muscles that don’t get a lot of work while hiking or biking, such as the inner and outer thigh muscles. Strengthening and building these muscles is vital as they surround and stabilize the knee joint, which can otherwise be prone to injury.


Yoga helps you stay supple and flexible, which are crucial factors in preventing ski injuries.


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