Small Business Spotlight – Part I [Burnt Custard]

Welcome to part I of our new series the Small Business Spotlight.  In this series we will pick a small business in or closely related to the ski industry.  We will then highlight their company’s story, what makes them unique, & any other aspects of their business that we like.  (We will try to avoid overly negative comments as we are not here to trash anybody’s business publicly, but we will not shy away from constructive criticism)

Our first small business claims itself to deliver the “Ultimate Multi-sport Base Layer”.  According to their website the minds behind Burnt Custard had 1 goal in founding the business and that was “to create the very best in technical active wear”, and let me just say they delivered!


Produced using top of the line Meryl Tech Microfiber, Burnt Custard’s base layers feature:

  • Superior Stretch & Recovery Abilities
  • Non-deforming materials
  • Excellent Moisture Management
  • UV Protection (UPF 80)
  • Inhererent Odor COntrol

But that’s not all!! Customization? That’s right, customization!!

For us the absolute dopest part about Burnt Custard’s whole deal is ability to fully customize the base layers.

Want a shirt with white down the middle, one blue sleeve, one yellow sleeve, and a black logo? You got it.

Want a pair of pants with the inverse design? You got it.

Want to go a little wild and mix yellow, pink, & aqua together? Go for it!

Want to make a pair of pants that finishes off your crazy color wheel? Go for it!

Looking for something a little less wild, go for a simple 2-tone look, perhaps with an accent color included in the logo.

Not really into the customization?

That’s alright to because Burnt Custard has some very fashionable collections that very slightly from the design you get through customization but utilize the same technical material (and come at a less expensive price point). Collections include:

High Contrast


Original X

Jamie Nicholls – Collab collection designed by Snowboarder & Winter Olympian Jamie Nicholls

Be sure to check them out on their website:

One last unique feature of this company would be their athlete endorsements/sponsorship, with athletes such as;

  • Jamie Nicholls – Winter Olympian
  • Thea Fenwick – Freestyle Skier
  • Mikey Searing – Snowboard X
  • Alannah Lawrie – Ski X
  • Jack Peters – Giant Slalom
  • Emma Peters – Ski X

Constructive Criticism

One piece of constructive criticism we have for Burnt Custard would be to add more color options to the customization feature.  I see adding the color red as being an essential next step, but the more the merrier really.

On a separate note, the customization feature is quite expensive.  I understand this is an expensive process for Burnt Custard to produce individualized pieces, but still just seems a little pricey.

Check out many other Base Layer options in our shop: Thermal Base Layer Shop


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