Small Business Spotlight – Part II [OutdoorMaster]

Welcome to Part II of our Small Business Spotlight series this week featuring OutdoorMaster makers of “affordable, highly functional outdoor clothing & gear.”

If you haven’t already check out Part I HERE to read about Burnt Custard producers of fully customizable athletic base layers.

Why OutdoorMaster?

I was on the search for a new pair of ski goggles and since it is 2018, I decided to do extensive research online instead of just walking in a store and buying the first pair that caught my eye.

After days of research (okay maybe not days…) I had decided on the pair I wanted:

The Oakley Flight Deck

My color preference matte white with fire iridium lenses… (plus 2 pairs of replacement lenses for different weather conditions)

Talk about a fire pair of goggles! Unfortunately, being the true ski bum I am, I do not quite have the capital for that right now, or probably ever… Thus I set out to find a new more budget friendly pick and OutdoorMaster was the winner!

Wait but why OutdoorMaster?

Functionality Reliability Value Yes that sound like something they would say on their website (because it is from their website), but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. The top reason I picked this ski goggle is because they are reasonably priced (Value check).  That however is not the only reason I picked them. I didn’t just go to Amazon and select the cheapest pair. I picked them because it is also true that they are incredibly functional. Magnet interchangeable lenses for the win!  Be ready for any condition in a snap. Plus the big winner for me is the strap. While most budget goggles feature the company name/logo all across the strap. Which works for well known brands (i.e. Oakley, Smith, etc.), but generally isn’t appealing with lesser known ones. OutdoorMaster, however, features a simple yet elegant mountain range strap with the logo small and sleekly placed. Personally, I think this is the best goggle strap on the market regardless of price point, but if you prefer a large company logo then to each their own, I suppose…

. . . . Other decent choices: