Snowmad’s Winter Bucketlist

Winter is my calling, winter is my passion, winter is my one true love.  Winter has much to offer, opening up many activities from skiing to icefishing that are simply not available in other seasons of the year & I want to do it all! As such I have decided to spend my life in pursuit of an endless winter chasing the snow where-ever it may fall.  There are countless things I wish to experience throughout my adventure & so I have decided to create a bucketlist of the many winter activities that call to me.  This is an incomplete list of the many  experiences I wish to have.  I will continue to grow this list as new possibilities open themselves up to me, & hopefully I will check several of these items off my list each season.

  • Ski 100 Days in a Season
  • Ski At Least 1 Day Every Month for a Year
  • Ski Every Continent
  • Ski Every Resort in Colorado
  • Spend a Season in New Zealand
  • Spend a Season in Chile
  • Spend a Season in the Alps
  • Ski an Indoor Ski Area
  • Ski a 14er
  • Go Icefishing
  • Build the World’s Largest Snowman
  • Hike a Glacier on Every Continent
  • Live in an Igloo for a Week
  • Sleep in a Snow Cave
  • Go Heli-Skiing
  • Go Skijouring
  • Go Dog Sledding
  • Go Cat-Skiing
  • Go Pond Skimming
  • Go Watch the Winter Olympics
  • Go Watch the X-Games
  • Ski Every State with Skiing
  • Camp in a Ski Area Parking Lot
  • Poach a Hot Tub
  • Ski Naked
  • Out Run an Avalanche
  • Jump From a Ski Lift
  • Go Night Skiing
  • Ski a Glacier
  • Learn to Snowboard
  • Learn to Telemark Ski
  • Ride a Ski Bike
  • Switch Ski a Black Diamond
  • Spend a Season Ski Bumming Without a Job
  • Go on a Backcountry Hut Trip
  • First Ascent & Descent of a Peak (Preferably Unnamed)
  • Ski a Sand Dune
  • Winter Thru Hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Compete in a Ski Mountaineering Race

Do you have ideas for activities I should add to my list? Please comment below.


2 thoughts on “Snowmad’s Winter Bucketlist

    • Skiing naked seems so freeing! Definitely would be a unique winter experience I would not soon forget. Plus I just think it would be kinda funny, do it for the lolz, you know?
      This winter I will be back in Vail Colorado for my second season.

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