What is a Snowmad? How is it different than a ski bum or a seasonaire?

Snowmad: A modern day Nomad that lives, works, & plays in winter wonderlands year round.

For the Snowmad winter isn’t a season that comes around once a year.  For the Snowmad it is always winter. The powder never stops falling, & the snow never melts.  Traveling back and forth from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere, the Snowmad achieves the legendary endless winter that ski bums can only dream of.

Speaking of Ski Bums, what really is the difference between the two? Good question!  For starters, the ski bum traditionally only gets winter for one season a year, whereas the Snowmad, as mentioned previously, experiences winter year round.  A ski bum, by definition doesn’t work during ski season, or at the very least doesn’t work during ski hours allowing them to hit the slopes each and every day during the season.  A Snowmad, however, commonly works in the industry, as this is the easiest way to find employment each season.  These people would despise being called a bum of any kind, as many view their career in a very serious, professional sense.  They strive to separate themselves from the classic ski bum and the negative convocations that come with this term.

Seasonaire, on the other hand, is a term commonly used to describe individuals, like Snowmads, who move from place to place as the seasons change.  The large distinction being that this term referrers to all seasonal workers including those who prefer hot, humid, sweaty, gross, tropical regions (eww).

A Snowmad is a hybrid of the two, but is vastly distinct from both. If the life of a Snowmad interests you in any way, please stick around and explore more of the blog.  It will be updated over time with stories, guides, insider insights, & much more.

I hope to entertain, inform, & most of all inspire.


3 thoughts on “What is a Snowmad? How is it different than a ski bum or a seasonaire?

  1. ’tis the first time I am making my virtual acquaintance of a snowmad, so hello there! A lovely thought that the powder never melts for you. After all the mind is capable of great feats.

  2. Now this is a first for me to comment with a “Snowmad.” I’m looking forward to your adventures as I prepare to photograph snow scenes this winter for my photography portfolio and I’m interested in sledding more so, than skiing. Sledding is a retirees safety precaution before stepping on to skis. Hopefully. Great site and stay safe. 🙂

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